Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I have nothing specific to say, yet so many little, insignificant thoughts

Having not posted in a long while, I felt it was time to clog the internet with my views once again, although hopefully this time my writings won't attract such vociferous, pseudo-intellectual criticism as one of my previous posts on the pointlessness of the UK Top 40 Music Chart, which I won't go into now. Anyway, after watching a YouTube clip entitled 'Making Love vs. Having Sex', I felt almost obliged to comment on the world as I see it. Now anybody, no matter their opinion, background, nationality, origin, political opinion or social prejudice, can set up a blog. However in reality how many of us are saying anything new? I've written almost 50 blogs on This Chemical World, and since posting my first entry I'm sure I must have covered at least some original ground, but with more and more of us having blogs, posting our views and trying to keep up with multi-million pound news agencies, isn't it about time we stopped competing?

So anyway this evening's (or morning for those who went to bed at a reasonable hour) post relates to the nature of modern life. Now I am not a manic depressive, and as someone rather satisfied with the life I lead, which as far as I am concerned is the optimum level available to most of us who are unwilling to lie about how amazing what they are doing is, I am deeply confused about the nature of the modern world. What should we be? Nowadays it seems that there is a vague design for life, and anybody not conforming to said design is not worthy of consideration. However what is this design? Am I, as one hypocritical person commented on one of my previous articles, merely somebody attempting to differentiate myself from the 'masses' in order to shield the fact that I am very much removed from said sub-culture? Now I feel it would be a waste of time to analyse this in any depth, but over the past few months I have felt that we live in a society that rewards conformity, uniformity and adherence to a strict set of guidelines, whereas we should be rewarding individualiity and integrity. Now I would love to be proved wrong, and I am open to coherent, well thought-out and structured suggestions as to why my views are completely wrong, but is there a 'right' way to live our lives that some of us avoid but others feel compelled to adhere to?

As a university student I have felt this most of all, as although university has for me been infinitely preferable to secondary school, I have felt pressured to adapt myself to other people. Change my jokes, change my interests, change my views and change the way I approach situations in order to attract other people to me. However do those who are willing to do all of these things not realise that any person unwilling to accept you for who you are is unworthy of your time, attention and friendship? I feel that I've been able to build relationships without changing myself to such a degree that I would lose the fundamental characteristics that define me as a person, and I don't believe anybody else should have to. So for those who have ever felt pressured to like a certain type of music, do certain activities instead of others, and completely change their personalities in order to fit in with the various cliques that exist, I am writing this blog to say, if this is what you want to be, then fine; but if it isn't, then don't sacrifice who you are to be what someone else wants you to be. For if we all thought the same, looked the same, talked the same, did the same things, and had our passions inflamed by the same things/people, what would the world be but a collection of mindless clones?

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